After The Fall

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By Bergsman S
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Savvy real estate investors understand that while the subprime mortgage/credit crisis may have hurt many, the downturn has also created great opportunities for growth and profits. In his latest book, real estate expert Steve Bergsman offers readers a detailed look at the state of our real estate market and provides direction as to where the markets are headed, so investors can make informative and profitable decisions in the years ahead. According to Bergsman, the next decade will produce multiple investment currents. After the Fall will help the sharp investor find the right current and stay the course for a long, profitable ride. By separating the asset classes that will remain stable from those that will continue to lose value going forward, Bergsman provides much–needed guidance to the changing real estate marketplace. As a result, savvy investors will be able to capitalize on opportunities created by investments that continue to lose money now, but will have a prosperous future in the next decade. Steve Bergsman (Mesa, AZ) is a real estate, financial, and travel writer with more than 20 years? experience and visitations to 120 countries. He is also the author of three previous real estate books, Maverick Real Estate Financing (978–0–471–74587–7), Maverick Real Estate Investing (978–0–471–46879–0), and Passport to Exotic Real Estate (978–0–470–17330–5).
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