Adaptive Investing

By Tony Pow
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To be successful in investing, we have to adapt to the current market. We evaluate our tools (screens, scoring system and our way to time the market) consistently as they change consistently. For example, some screens work better than others in different phases of a market cycle. So are the fundamental metrics. Early Recovery (a phase defined in this book) provides the best time to make easy money.Today, ignore most testing results older than 2000 as the market are quite different than today. The better test results are 6 months (or 3 months for short term) from today as they resemble the market closely. This book should make you a better investor for advance beginners and fund managers alike. This book does not make you wealthy overnight. However, I have proven step-by-step techniques to time the market, find and evaluate stocks for profits from my experiences and other retail investors (not traders) like most of you.We do not have the Holy Grail in investing but we have something close to it: Select the fundamental (technical too) metrics and the screens that have performed well lately. To illustrate, if the screen or a fundamental metric such as Price/Cash Flow works in the last few months, there is a better chance it will work this month than not.Last update: 08/2016 Size: 280 pages (6*9)
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