A Seat at the Table

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By Mark Schwartz
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This book should be required reading for all technology and business leaders who are serious about digital transformation. It takes you on a provocative, fun, and comprehensive tour of the key areas that will promote and ignite agility, creativity, learning, community, and collaboration. This book may be about taking a seat, but this is no time to be sitting still! IT leaders will be convinced that their job is now about incentivizing and inspiring courage, passion, and technical excellence in service of business objectives rather than blindly servicing requirements. You will find practical advice on how to deal with projects, scope creep, IT assets, governance, security, risk management, quality, and shadow IT.--Jason Cox, Systems Engineering, The Walt Disney Company If you're a CIO, read this book. If you're not a CIO but work closely with one, read this book. Mark Schwartz is the best of iconoclasts. He brings deep insights from his unique erudition and real-world experience--ranging from a startup to government agency--in untangling the dilemma of the CIO in the second decade of Agile. There aren't many people who can swing from Horace to Daniel Pink without losing a breath. And there aren't many who can critique Agile and Waterfall with equal insight. This is a surprising book--well worth your (20%) time.--Sam Guckenheimer, Product Owner, Visual Studio Team Services, Microsoft In his first book, The Art of Business Value, Mark brought together a unique understanding of modern techniques--Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery. In A Seat at the Table he grabs hold of these concepts and disrupts the conventional dynamics around the role of the CIO in any organization. His progressive thinking is unmatched and a must read for leadership and practitioners of all kinds.--Luke McCormack, former CIO of the Department of Homeland Security Mark has found the IT leadership cheese after Agile moved it. Finally, an idea of how to structure IT, including leadership and the teams, and joining the business and IT together!--Joshua Seckel, Chief Engineer at WhiteHawk CEC, Inc.
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