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By Robert Bruce Shaw
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"I believe there's no neutrality in business (for example, you're either gaining market share or losing it). Likewise, your business success is either enhanced by trust or held back by distrust. Robert Shaw gives conviction and advice to the leader who recognizes that trust becomes a performance multiplier only when the leader is prepared to go first." --Craig E. Weatherup, CEO, Pepsi-Cola Company "Trust in the Balance is an absorbing discussion of our desperate need to attAnd to the human necessity to feel safe within and without organizations. Shaw has produced an extremely readable and practical guide to paving a trail of trust into the twenty-first century." --Jim Kouzes, coauthor, The Leadership Challenge and Credibility, and chairman and CEO, TPG/Learning Systems "The relationship between organization effectiveness and organization climate is a major issue for leaders and culture setters. Robert Shaw has pinpointed the essential linchpin--trust. His practical yet profound guide on how to develop and maintain a high-trust organization will be a welcome addition to any manager's bookshelf." --Richard Beckhard, coeditor, The Organization of the Future, and principal, Beckhard Associates "Trust is a critical component in managing change and executing strategy, both so necessary to driving bottom-line results. The dilemma for managers at all levels is that when we need more trust in our organizations to achieve our goals, we are experiencing a loss of trust. Trust in the Balance is a must-read for managers and leaders who want to better understand how to build trust in their organizations and achieve a stronger bottom-line performance." --Eileen Kraus, chairman, Fleet Bank Connecticut

Unlike most discussions about trust, Robert Shaw moves past ?the right thing to do? argument and focuses on trust as a critical, hard-edged issue that successful managers cannot afford to take for granted. He shows how lack of trust is compromising more and more organizations in today's highly competitive business environment.This engaging book describes how to design organizations that promote a high level of trust. Drawing on a variety of examples from real business situations, Shaw explains trust's increasing importance at four key levels: individual credibility, one-to-one collaboration, team effectiveness, and organizational vitality.Shaw's high trust design is based on two critical rules: trust must have checks and balances, and top management leadership is essential for trust to spread throughout the organization.Championing the notion of mutual interdepAndence based on trust, Shaw's model will be especially helpful for multinational companies and virtual organizations that have complex, loosely coupled, and constantly revolving networks of individuals and teams.If you've never examined how trust affects your organization, maybe you should. In this engaging book, Robert Shaw moves past the "right thing to do" argument and focuses on trust as a critical issue successful managers cannot take for granted. He shows how lack of trust is compromising more and more organizations in today's highly competitive environment. And he offers a way out. A vital handbook for leaders, change agents, and anyone interested in building high trust for high performance.

Under today's stressful, rapidly shifting conditions, trust is more elusive--and more essential--than ever. A solid foundation of trust best enables high-performance companies and teams to adapt to changing circumstances and to deliver hard business results.Using examples from Hewlett-Packard, AlliedSignal, Motorola, GE, and Continental, consultant Robert Bruce Shaw explains why trust is a critical business issue for leaders, illustrates how it is won or lost, and details pragmatic action steps for building and sustaining trust across the organization.

ROBERT BRUCE SHAW is a co--author of Organizational Architecture and Discontinuous Change and principal of Princeton Management Consulting Group. He lives in Washington Crossing, NJ.


Robert Bruce Shaw
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