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By Alpesh B Patel
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"It takes courage to admit you are wrong," says Banque Paribas' Bernard Oppetit. "It take courage to face it when you have lost money and not blame it on the other guy or blame it on circumstance." This is just one of the many sobering observations found in Alpesh Patel's lucid, well-organized collection of to-the-point interviews with ten top traders in equities, currencies, bonds, commodities and derivatives. Mr. Patel is a London barrister-turned-financial-pro. And his book covers such concepts as dynamic analysis, progressive trading, pyramid information, pivot point and the Swill method. He does a particularly fine job of examining how winning strategies are implemented - and how failure can be avoided. "There is a time to be patient and there is a time to be impatient, and you just have to know the difference," observes Mercury Trading's Jon Najarian. Other interviewees includes Salmon brothers' Bill Lipschutz, Chicago Board of Trade's Pat Arbor and Paul Johnson, Monument's Martin Burton and trader-educator Neal Weintraub. -- Markets, July/August 1998

The book interviews a number of the world's best traders and you get an insight of how important cutting losses and admitting investment mistakes is to producing spectacular gains. It is one of the few books on the market that lets the reader get into the mind of a trader. These are futures and option traders, so their portfolios are far more volatile than stock portfolios. If you spend a few hours learning these traders' investment disciplines, I guarantee you a greater respect for the stop-loss discipline. The book sells for $34.95 and is available in most book stores. A blue chip investment. -- Green on MONEY, June 1998

Discover the "sixth sense" that distinguishes winners from losers in the markets!

Meet the world's leading traders — and gain in-depth insight into their philosophies, behavior, and tactics.

Get into the minds of the world's best traders, with the help of world-renowned equity derivatives trader Alpesh B. Patel — author of the global best-seller Trading Online! Winning traders have a successful sixth sense which can't be learned from any academic course: a market intuition they've honed through thousands of trades.


The Mind of a Trader introduces you to several of the world's best traders — exploring their trading philosophies, behavior, tactics, strategies, and winning ways in the markets. You'll learn from the trades of Jon Najarian, Neal Weintraub, Bill Lipschutz, Pat Arbor, David Kyle, and many other trading legends — the best minds in the business!

"Gets to the heart of the matter of trading ... captures the ineffable ethos of singular, successful traders!" — Pat Arbor, Chairman, Chicago Board of Trade

Alpesh Patel's recent book, Trading Online, sold 20,000 copies in 6 months, reaching the No. 2 spot in's best-seller list. Patel is a leader in the electronic trading community, a champion for day traders, and a regular columnist and speaker. He will soon begin hosting a new weekly online trading show for Bloomberg TV.


Alpesh B Patel
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