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By William.s.Lupien
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  1. This book contains high-percentage swing trading strategies, proven and perfected by today's top traders David Nassar and Bill Lupien who wrote the rules. Now, in "Market Evaluation and Analysis for Swing Trading", Nassar and Lupien combine their knowledge into a multidimensional guidebook for dramatically improving your profits when trading OTC, listed equities, options, or futures in every timeframe or prevailing market environment! Praise for "Market Evaluation and Analysis for Swing Trading": 'The authors' combination of market psychology and risk management as important techniques make this book vital for every trader's or investor's understanding of the markets' - Lawrence G. McMillan, President, McMillan Analysis Corp. author, "Options as a Strategic Investment". 'Short-term trading is not a sure path to riches, it is a tough business that requires hard work and iron-willed discipline to succeed. This book tears up and throws away many of the myths surrounding short-term trading and replaces them with tools and techniques designed to increase your probability of success' - BB, CFA, CMT.' Having been a specialist, and now trading electronically, the strategies covered in this book transition the psychology of risk management of floor trading into sound technical methods that work' - John W. Nick, Jr. 18-year veteran NYSE specialist. 'A Japanese proverb states, 'To hear it told is not equal to experience'. By giving us the benefits of their years of real experience, Nassar and Lupien have done the trading community a real service' - Steve Nison, CMT President, 'Both David and Bill have tremendous success from the very methods and techniques explained in "Market Evaluation and Analysis for Swing Trading", and are eminently qualified to be your guides. This book is a culmination of methods and insights from experienced professionals who live it every day' - Christopher Doubek, President, Terra Nova Trading.From the Foreword: Swing trading has become the strategy of choice for taking profits out of virtually every type of market. With "Market Evaluation and Analysis for Swing Trading", electronic trading legends David Nassar and Bill Lupien demystify the swing trading techniques of the professional traders and market makers, closely examining them to determine how and why they work, what to use in different market environments, which strategies will ramp up effectiveness in hyperspeed electronic markets, and more. Beyond just examining the techniques, Nassar and Lupien walk through actual trading scenarios and examples to show the techniques in action, putting theory into practice.Demonstrating what works, when, and why, they cover the entire field of swing trading: psychology and patterns cyclical trends versus momentum markets; elasticity rules and tactics; technical analysis; fibonacci levels; cycles support and resistance; trends volume; moving averages and more; methods and tactics; preferred indicators; ADX Relative strength; TRIN The Intraday Momentum Approach Trading the open/close; openings and gap play and methods E-minis tactics; systems trading; seasonal trading; tax loss selling; risk management and much more successful swing trading isn't easy. But when you're hitting on all cylinders, getting in and out of trades with precision tactics and outwitting market pros on their own playing fields, nothing is more thrilling or profitable.Get the lowdown on how electronic trading really works and how you can enter tomorrow's market with renewed knowledge and confidence, straight from the mouths of two of today's guerrilla trading pioneers and experts, in the outstanding and rare book "Market Evaluation and Analysis for Swing Trading".


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