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By William J O'Neil
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Written by the acclaimed entrepreneur, William J O'Neil, How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times and Bad, Fourth Edition is a handy guide that that deals with the stock market and its intricacies. The author of this book has written down the hard-earned knowledge he gained from his own experiences as an investor. The price charts of winning stocks from the past century have been listed out in the beginning of this book. These charts are supplemented with notes throughout in order to make them more comprehensible to readers. In this book, the author discusses his trademark CAN SLIM method of investing. The CAN SLIM method put together by the author consists of 7 steps which are aimed at maximising profits. This book imparts valuable information about the times when one needs to cut a loss and the times when one needs to invest and make a profit. Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds are discussed as well by the author and he provides important tips on the ways to properly approach them while investing. The CAN SLIM method highlighted in this book was formulated by the author after analysing stock market patterns over the last 100 years. How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times and Bad, Fourth Edition runs its readers through important investment-related aspects such as an organisation's growth rate, demand and supply, mutual funds, etc. The 4th edition of this book was published by McGraw-Hill Professional in 2009 and is available as a paperback.
AuthorWilliam J O'Neil BindingPaperback
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By Glenn Neely
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This work presents the first scientific, objective approach to market forecasting with the Elliot Wave Theory. Neely provides a detailed guide for all investors serious about finding accurate solutions to difficult markets.
AuthorEric Hall AuthorGlenn Neely
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By Arthur Sklarew
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Success in commodity trading depends on good price forecasting. That's what this market classic is about. Using price charts (and other simple technical indicators) to time your trades better, spot price trends, estimate the distance a new price thrust will travel, locate logic points for buy and sell stops, and identify potential trend reversal points. Deceptively simple strategy and tactics coaxes price charts to give up their secrets.
AuthorArthur Sklarew BindingHardcover
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By Nick Murray
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Nick Murray has been a financial services professional for more than 50 years.  He is among the industry’s most respected writers and speakers.
AuthorNick Murray BindingHardcover
By Nick Murray
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Nick Murray  has been a financial services professional for more than 50 years. He is among the industry's most respected writers and speakers.
AuthorNick Murray BindingHardcover
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ANDREW HENDERSON In 2008 Andrew Henderson  Began Researching the best places in the world to live do business and invest based on this father precient words go where you're  treated best ". he later started Nomad Capitalist To Share How He had Lowered His Taxes From 43% to 1% Obtained Multiple Second Citizenships Spent Time In over 100  Countries in search of freedom and opportunity and invested in countries all  over the world. he and his team now help high-level enterpreneurs and investor to keep more of their own money , create a Plane B for Turbulent times , and grow their Wealth And Freedom.
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By Gene Kim
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DevOps can be somewhat mysterious. What does it really mean to 'break down silos?' The DevOps Handbook is just what's needed: a practical guide that shows you how to get started making real progress.--Jeff Sussna, CEO, Sussna Associates Five years on, The DevOps Handbook is still an anchor in a sea of ever changing technical currents and topical winds. As relevant now as it was in the beginning.--Shane Carlson, Principal Executive Architect at ServiceNow The DevOps Handbook has been a critical resource when working with clients to transform their software delivery culture and processes. The book provides easy to understand, practical patterns for improving workflow, communication, and product delivery.--Sam McLeod, DevOps Consultant The DevOps Handbook is an amazing guide for anyone trying to improve their DevOps Kung-Fu in their companies. It literally covers everything you may need to know, and is filled with interesting case studies and real-life examples of how people have achieved success in their DevOps transformations.--Ross Clanton, Chief Architect, Managing Director, American Airlines There are a lot of DevOps books, but very few that offer concrete, practical, and implementable advice and a roadmap for not just adopting DevOps practices and principles, but for also measuring their success. The DevOps Handbook is the definitive long-form guide for achieving success with DevOps methodologies.--Nigel Kersten, Field CTO, Puppet This has become the defacto, must read reference book for organizations pursuing a DevOps strategy. The book's knowledge provides insightful and practical advice aimed at increasing DevOps success for every staffer, manager, executive, and team.--Stephen Elliot, Program Vice President, I&O, DevOps, and Cloud Operations at IDC
Author Jez Humble AuthorPatrick Debois
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By Blake Snyder
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Here’s what started the phenomenon: the best seller, for over 15 years, that’s been used by screenwriters around the world! Blake Snyder tells all in this fast, funny and candid look inside the movie business. “Save the Cat” is just one of many ironclad rules for making your ideas more marketable and your script more satisfying, including: The four elements of every winning logline The seven immutable laws of screenplay physics The 10 genres that every movie ever made can be categorized by — and why they’re important to your script Why your Hero must serve your Idea Mastering the 15 Beats Creating the “Perfect Beast” by using The Board to map 40 scenes with conflict and emotional change How to get back on track with proven rules for script repair This ultimate insider’s guide reveals the secrets that none dare admit, told by a showbiz veteran who’s proven that you can sell your script if you can save the cat.
AuthorBlake Snyder BindingPaperback
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By Lawrence A. Cunningham
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Lawrence A. Cunningham  has written a dozen books, including The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America, published in successive editions since 1996 in collaboration with the legendary Mr. Buffett; the critically acclaimed Berkshire Beyond Buffett: The Enduring Value of Values (Columbia University Press 2014); and Contracts in the Real World: Stories of Popular Contracts and Why They Matter (Cambridge University Press 2012). Cunningham's op-eds have been published in many newspapers worldwide, including the Financial Times, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal, and his research has appeared in top academic journals published by such universities as Columbia, Harvard, and Vanderbilt. A popular professor at George Washington University, Cunningham also lectures widely, delivering as many as 50 lectures annually to a wide variety of academic, business and investing groups.
AuthorLawrence A. Cunningham BindingPaperback
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By Howard Marks
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Mastering the Market Cycle  is a must-read Howard Marks's  Mastering the Market Cycle  is a must-read, because the cycles covered in this book are important and because Howard is one of the investing greats of his generation. I always say, 'There's no better teacher than history in determining the future.' Howard's book tells us how to learn from history . . . and thus get a better idea of what the future holds. Howard Marks, among the world's most successful investment managers as well as an intellectual leader of the profession [has written a new book].  Mastering the Market Cycle  is... wise ...A careful reading  can make us better investors  and protect us from the all too frequent errors that ruin investment results. ( Wall Street Journal ) While most investment professionals take the standard out - that 'you can't time the market' - in  Mastering the Market Cycle  Howard Marks, a living investment legend, takes the contrarian point of view that not only can you time markets, but it's imperative that you do so. Mastering the Market Cycle  reveals how cycles not only coincide with, but also cause, financial market risk and opportunity. Written in plain English, Howard Marks's hard-earned wisdom will help readers tilt the odds in their favor. If you're uncertain as to whether there will be a correction in the market - or if you think there's no reason to worry because 'it's different this time' - you have to read this book before you make a move.
AuthorHoward Marks BindingPaperback
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By Robert A. Weigand
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Praise for   Applied Equity Analysis and Portfolio Management Professor Weigand's book is the clearest description of how to evaluate and pick stocks that I've read. The professional tools he provides are useful, and accompanied by intuitive, commonsense explanations. Whether you want to talk more intelligently with your financial advisor, become one yourself, or just dabble in the stock market, this book will help you achieve your goals. —Ken Kroner, Head and Chief Investment Officer of Scientific Active Equity, Blackrock, Inc. I have been professionally practicing in the investment management business for 34 years. Many clients have asked my advice for a guide, a book to study that encompasses the essence of solid investment processes. Dr. Weigand's book is that resource: it captures both the art and science of the discipline, while taking today's demanding investment environment into consideration. —William Greiner, CIO of Mariner Wealth Advisors and BusinessWeek's 2005 "Stock Market Strategist of the Year" Simply put, Rob Weigand's  Applied Equity Analysis and Portfolio Management  is a masterful work. His "learning system" is a potential game changer for anyone who is serious about investing, including students, investment advisors, financial planners, and experienced investors. He writes with great clarity and provides a complete package to ensure a successful learning experience. Based on my analysis, this book is an unqualified "buy." —H. Kent Baker, CFA, University Professor of Finance, Kogod School of Business American University I found Dr. Weigand's learning system to be insightful, clear, and directive. His "learn by doing" style of teaching has not only captivated and inspired talented students, but has been very instructional for seasoned professional investors as well. —Mayo Schmidt, Retired President and CEO, Viterra Corporation
AuthorRobert A. Weigand BindingPaperback
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By Adrian Bejan
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An advanced, practical approach to the first and second laws of thermodynamics Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics  bridges the gap between engineering applications and the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Going beyond the basic coverage offered by most textbooks, this authoritative treatment delves into the advanced topics of energy and work as they relate to various engineering fields. This practical approach describes real-world applications of thermodynamics concepts, including solar energy, refrigeration, air conditioning, thermofluid design, chemical design, constructal design, and more. This new fourth edition has been updated and expanded to include current developments in energy storage, distributed energy systems, entropy minimization, and industrial applications, linking new technologies in sustainability to fundamental thermodynamics concepts. Worked problems have been added to help students follow the thought processes behind various applications, and additional homework problems give them the opportunity to gauge their knowledge. The growing demand for sustainability and energy efficiency has shined a spotlight on the real-world applications of thermodynamics. This book helps future engineers make the fundamental connections, and develop a clear understanding of this complex subject. Delve deeper into the engineering applications of thermodynamics Work problems directly applicable to engineering fields Integrate thermodynamics concepts into sustainability design and policy Understand the thermodynamics of emerging energy technologies Condensed introductory chapters allow students to quickly review the fundamentals before diving right into practical applications. Designed expressly for engineering students, this book offers a clear, targeted treatment of thermodynamics topics with detailed discussion and authoritative guidance toward even the most complex concepts.  Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics  is the definitive modern treatment of energy and work for today's newest engineers
AuthorAdrian Bejan BindingHardcover
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