1. Proposed title and subtitle :

2. Author / author’s name & title, work address and telephone nos. :


3. Is the Reference Text / Course Text / Advanced Academic Book?book meant for University / College of Further and Higher Education / Library and is it a

4. If the book is for a course, please give the name of the course title(s) & level, the year the department the enrolment, the name of the current text(s) and it (their) publisher(s). Do you teach such a course? If yes, please list the course name, Institution, level and enrolment.

5. Is the book likely to be adopted as compulsory purchase for the course / recommended purchase (i.e. reference text besides main text) / recommended for reference or further reading / an original contribution to the field?


6. Is your book likely to be suitable for specific training courses in industry? If yes, Please give details on the course(s), enrolment and current text(s), if any.

7. Please indicate the disciplines / sub-disciplines to which your book will be targeted.

8. What specific groups of professionals would buy your book and why?

9. If your book is related to a specific product, please give as much detail as possible on the product-market, especially in the case of software products, the present release, when was it introduced and which release your book relates to.


10. What are the most comparable existing books? Please name the author, title, publisher, publication year and price.

11. How will your proposed book compare with these? Kindly list down the strengths of your proposed book compared with the competitors’ titles listed above, stating reasons that will attract readers to buy your book in preference to the existing books.

12. Has the material been class-tested? If not, will it be?


13. How many pages are there in the final book-estimated? (100/ 100-200 / 200-300 / 400-500/ 500-600 / 600-700 / 700 + (Please strike out).

14. Please estimate the number of each type of illustrations in your book : (line drawing / black & white photographs / colour photographs)

15. Please indicate which of the following pedagogical features your book will have and where appropriate, the number of each: worked examples, glossary, solutions to problems, references / bibliography, case studies, others.

16. Will your book have instructor’s manual, solutions manual, overhead transparency masters, test bank of multiple-choice questions, software and / or others?

17. What production method would you like to use or have thought or using? (Author-CRC / Conventional Book Production)


18. What date do you plan to deliver the sample chapters and final complete draft?

19. Please provide the names, addresses and contact numbers of two or three possible reviewers.

20. Synopsis / Table of Contents (Please provide):


21. Kindly specify the name of the Journals for review of your book.

22. Kindly provide us with the name and address of academician to whom you wish to give complimentary copy of your book.

23. What would be the local interest of students in your University and of other universities?

24. Kindly provide us with the names and addresses of Board of Study members in your University to enable us to make advanced promotion of your book.