Yuwa Hedrick Wong

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By Yuwa Hedrick-Wong
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Yuwa Hedrick–Wong has the rare ability of combining first–class economic reasoning, appreciation of market and demographic trends, common sense and an engaging writing style. This book is rich in insight and a pleasure to read. A tour de force on a critical emerging market segment; today?s affluent, young premium Asian consumers/ – Maurice Levi The most detailed and illuminating analysis of a particular type of global consumer, one who connects consumption to ongoing se4lf–development and has the resources to pursue it all to the fullest. by taking account of aspects that go well beyond narrow market transactions, Yuwa Hedrick–Wong gives us an enormously rich account with multiple insights as to the future trajectory of this market. he helps us see how common notions about the so–called youth market are flawed and miss the point; it is not simply a question of age. this depth of understanding makes for real surprises and often very amusing facts. – Saki Sassen The speed of change in Asia is sometimes mind–boggling. In particular, youth premium markets have undergone spectacular yet complex evolutions,with urbanization, education and global orientation changing the aspirations and behavior o these consumers. Based on original and detailed country data, Yuwa Hedrick–Wong provides an illuminating, clear and synthetic analysis of the forces behind these evolutions, and of the formidable challenges and opportunities the young generations re creating for the future of Asia/Pacific. – Christian Koenig
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