Robert D Knapp

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By Robert D. Knapp
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The Supernova Multiplier provides the tools to help financial advisors develop better habits, build better networks and lead their teams to better outcomes. Aimed at high performers, this book contains real-life stories from financial advisors who adopted the Supernova Process and grew their practices in a world of no cold-calling and limited growth. They share with you, the reader, the secrets that built their success. Knapp's seven growth strategies represent the experiences of coaching thousands of financial advisors over a 20-year period. Through research and trial and error, he has adopted the best of the best and created a process that will result in consistent and explosive growth and tremendous personal satisfaction from helping clients reach their goals. Knapp's Supernova client-based practice management paradigm has enabled financial advisors to perform and grow, encouraging them to forgo the outdated tiered model of service and instead, craft a practice based on a limited number of clients that are given the same high level of service. This service model has translated into financial professionals building and achieving exceptional growth, higher client satisfaction, and optimized efficiency that leaves more time for family and personal pursuits. The Supernova Multiplier will touch on four key areas. First, how to use specific acquisition techniques to grow their practice. Second, how to measure performance and be accountable for it. Third, how to apply the rule of reciprocity by giving to give, not to get. And, finally, how to develop an environment of trust within your practice and with your clients that differentiates you from the crowd and elevates you in an industry full of mistrust. Knapp's passion and commitment for helping financial advisors pursue excellence is evident in every page of The Supernova Multiplier. He has held nothing back except for his own evolving intellect. For more information you can contact him at
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