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Technical analysis does not deal in certainties, only probabilities. Yet those probabilities improve dramatically when traders understand the psychology of price patterns and how that psychology influences traders' behavior and the movement of prices themselves. Martin Pring on Price Patterns provides both new and experienced technical traders with today's most in-depth guide to the analysis and interpretation of price patterns. Martin Pring on Price Patterns also introduces you to the patterns that are working - and working consistently - for traders in today's volatile markets, then helps you determine which will work best for you and your personal trading style. Over 8 hours of multimedia, interactive instruction, puts you high on the learning curve in no time. Every chapter is full of animated diagrams, eye-catching, animated reinforcements and real marketplace movies - so concepts are learned, applied and retained. Every chapter has an interactive quiz designed to strengthen newly acquired skills. This workbook is an excellent, quick and easy reference source. A complete table of contents and in-depth index on the CD lets you locate topics instantly.
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This three-part DVD course explains why the sector rotation process is continuously creating profitable opportunities just waiting to be seized. It also tells you how to easily execute interMarket and sector rotation strategies with ETFs. You are also provided the historical data to follow these relationships as well as links to keep you up-to-date. The presentation begins with a description of what InterMarket analysis actually is. Just as the climate influences the local weather, so multi-decade swings in inflationary and deflationary forces called secular trends set the scene for individual business cycles. These secular trends in bonds, stocks and commodities are described in detail; so too is their influence on the individual business cycle associated bull and bear markets. The connection between the business cycle and major turning points in bond, stock and commodity prices together with the consequential influence on sector rotation is explained in laymen terms. We also give you the tools to do the job by explaining concepts such as long-term momentum and relative strength. In addition, the course provides statistical proof that these are not just pie in the sky concepts but that they actually work in the market place. You will also be provided with as simple indicators that will help you to follow this cyclical road map. Historical data, links where it can be updated and links publishing the latest info on ETFs rounds out the package.  
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Boom, bust, growth, stagnation, inflation. Every stage or season of the business cycle--including recession--has its own profitable investment strategy. The All-Season Investor is an invaluable handbook for anyone who's trying to make the most of their investments--no matter what the economic climate. The All-Season Investor shows you how allocating assets among several investment categories should be your cornerstone of a successful investment strategy for the '90s. You'll begin with a general introduction to asset allocation. The importance of diversification in successful asset allocation is discussed. The role of securities and mutual funds in the asset allocation mix is examined. And you'll learn how to earn above-average return by adding compounding and risk management to the mix. The All-Season Investor shows you how to read changes in the economic climate, the bond market, the stock market, and the index of leading economic indicators like a pro. This complete guide to modern methods of asset allocation shows you how to assess the economic climate on the basis of those figures and formulate a strategy for success using that knowledge. You'll learn how to track the business cycle--stage by stage--and how to identify cycle benchmarks that let you know when to make your moves. There's information on where gold fits into the cycle, and when it should be owned--or avoided. And detailed appendices offer analyses of the bond and stock markets as well as a historical analysis of market performance during each of the six stages. Let leading investment advisor and bestselling author Martin Pring show you the way to investor independence. Unsettling economic conditions need not prevent youfrom seizing control of your financial destiny. The All-Season Investor is packed with practical, straightforward methods for allocating assets that let you meet your personal investment goals.
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Expert advice in a back–to–basics handbook on how to beat the market–the classic way In Investment Psychology Explained Martin J. Pring, one of the most respected independent investment advisors in the world, argues that in the revisionist ′90s there are no quick, magical paths to market success. Rather, he emphasizes the timeless values of hard work, patience, and self–discipline–and much more. Drawing on the wisdom of creative investors such as Jesse Livermore, Humphrey Neill, and Barnard Baruch, as well as his own experience, Pring shows how to: ∗ Overcome emotional and psychological impediments that distort decision making ∗ Map out an independent investment plan–and stick to it ∗ Know when to buck herd opinion–and "go contrarian" ∗ Dispense with the myths and delusions that drag down other investors ∗ Resist the fads and so–called experts whose siren call to success can lead to disaster ∗ Exploit fast–breaking news events that rock the market ∗ Deal skillfully with brokers and money managers ∗ Learn and understand the rules that separate the truly great investors and traders from the rest Reading Investment Psychology Explained will give you a renewed appreciation of the classic trading principles that, through bull and bear markets, have worked time and again. You′ll see, with the help of numerous illustrative examples, what goes into making an effective investor–and how you can work toward achieving that successful profile.
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Technical Analysis Explained, Fifth Edition, is the updated bible of technical analysis written by a renowned expert and educational pioneer in the field. Widely recognized in the investment industry as the most authoritative guide on the subject, it gives you everything you need to forecast accurately how investors will respond to future events based on how they have statistically responded in the past. Martin Pring, described in Barron's as a ""technician's technician,"" uses his popular straight-talk style of instruction to help all types of investors forecast price movements with reliable accuracy. Through his concentrated blend of theory and techniques, generations of investors have become better traders and gained long-term wealth. Now, this new edition shows today's investors how to use the power of technical analysis in computerized markets with ever-changing investment products.
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