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An accessible, reliable course for the trader looking for profits in the competitive, dynamic world of trading. Lao-Tzu said “a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single-step.” It is our belief that the book you now hold in your hands can be the single step that launches your journey to profitability.—Oliver L. Veles, From the Preface Inside you will unlock the power of: Identifying trends and how to exploit them Planning your trade to be ready for market movement in ANY direction Moving averages, support and resistance, and many other pillars of successful trades Building your own trading strategy to be a nimble, confident, master trader This focused and effective trading resource features seven key lessons to further a trader’s education; including market basics, managing trades, psychology in trading and planning, technical, utilizing charts, income versus wealth building producing trades, and classic patterns. As Paul Lange said, “Many of these lessons have been taught to students worldwide over a span of 4 years. These lessons contain powerful information that goes far beyond the basics you may find in many introductory trading books.” Each section of the book offers clear examples, concise and useful definitions of important terms, over 90 different charts used to illustrate the challenges and opportunities of the market; and how you can take advantage of patterns. Written in the parlance of the day trader’s world, you’ll enjoy the experience of being taught trading skills by the best of the best. This book is a must-read for anyone seriously interested in making profitable trades. Oliver is a staple in the investment education field. His expertise in the market along with his uncanny ability to impart his knowledge to the willing mind sets him apart as a truly effective instructor—Conal Thompson, CEO, Equis International, Makers of MetaStock Software Strategies for Profiting on Every Trade is an engaging, insightful book of lessons from the master traders of Pristine.com. From the most effective use of multiple time frames to finding intraday reversals to building a trading plan that optimizes your success, it is all here. Written for the new trader and the skilled professionals, this book offers the edge towards becoming a more profitable trader. In these pages you will gain access to valuable, timely information, advance trading techniques, and powerful trading tools. Strategies is jam packed with information only a trading seminar costing hundreds of dollars could provide. Put the hard-knock experience and the wisdom these master traders have spent years collecting at your fingertips and be confident you are getting the most out of every trade. This must-have reference is divided into seven critical lessons intended to further your education as a trader and help you reach your highest levels of profitability. Whether the trading trend is crystal clear or nearly impossible to see, it is tools (like this insight rich guide) that traders use that make the difference between success and failure. In these lessons we share the Pristine trading philosophy, technical analysis and advice, and emphasize the tools each successful trader needs to be a winner, including: Proven advice that will help traders at all levels increase their gains—from getting started to reviewing the fundamentals The power of an effective watchlist—how to create and how to pinpoint the right stocks to include Key money management techniques to guarantee the optimal risk reward ratio Real trading tactics—chart patterns, set ups—to use immediately Mastering trading psychology—how to protect yourself from profit stealing emotions and how to exploit the greed and fear of others in the market
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By Oliver L Velez
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How do you make quick intraday profits? How can you ride long-term trends? How can you make consistent money in the midst of a sideways, volatile market? Oliver Velez is giving you all the answers by granting you access to his own revolutionary trading tactics, ones which he has spent years perfecting.  Power Trading  brings together three remarkable trading approaches, which are the corner-stones of the educational sessions presented by Velez and his trading team. This DVD and guidebook combination was designed to help you identify the plays that will work best with your trading style, personality, and current portfolio. Watch the DVD and follow along as the plays unfold on the screen and page. This first-of-its-kind, comprehensive collection covers three profit-boosting systems: Micro Trading Tactics: Quick fire tactics that work in bull or bear markets How to profit from the “market maker’s lunch” What period of the market day provides the best risk/reward and what times to avoid.  
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