Neal Weintraub

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The best-selling author of Tricks of the Floor Trader reveals how to hone your online trading skills and assure your future success Trick #1: This isn't yet another day trading book.Tricks of the Active Trader reveals the new rules of online trading. Veteran active trader Neal Weintraub puts his experience, smarts, and savvy to work for you, demystifying the complex world of computer-driven markets and providing you with more than 150 ways to improve your trading success. You'll find expert insights on trading techniques, software, and hardware you won't find in any other single source. In straightforward, easy-to-understand language, Weintraub presents proven trading tips and tricks used by active traders that you can put to use immediately, as well as highlights the traps that can trip you up. Each tip, trick, and trap covers a basic trading rule of thumb, from “Pretend You're a Customer” and “Electronic Trading Has Trap Doors” to “If You Don't Know, Don't Fix It” and “People First, Computer Second.” Aggressive, successful active trading requires careful planning and knowledge. Tricks of the Active Trader is your hands-on guidebook to joining the ranks of the top online traders.
AuthorNeal Weintraub BindingHardcover