Michael Ashton

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By Michael Ashton
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AN EXPERT GUIDE TO SURVIVING COMING INFLATION AND POTENTIAL DISRUPTION What's Wrong with Money? The Biggest Bubble of All  offers a revealing and lucrative framework for considering the impending inflationary period when making investments. Go behind the scenes of the legislation, policy, and history of what makes money valuable with a recognized authority on inflation and inflation-related products. In a conversational narrative supported by illustrative charts and diagrams, he connects the dots between the actions of central banks in response to market bubbles and shows how they disastrously eroded our financial system by: Highlighting historic patterns in monetary value and the possible outcomes of the current situation Demonstrating the causes behind money devaluing slowly and quickly Detailing a variety of investment strategies for gaining an edge no matter how money collapses Examining the potential causes of monetary erosion, how it leads to inflation, or, in extreme cases, hyperinflation, and enabling you to determine your "personal inflation" with an exclusive online tool By knowing  What's Wrong with Money? , you can ensure your wealth is well protected.
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