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"Max Isaacman's The Nasdaq Investor successfully integrates a clear discussion of how the Nasdaq market works with an analysis of the potential for 'new economy' stocks and funds. He offers suggestions based on wisdom from experience­­rather than unrealistic promises." -Gary L. Gastineau Nuveen Investments "Every investor should know the structure and mechanics of the stock markets in which they invest. This book is a valuable basic tool for all investors who wish to become more knowledgeable and thereby more empowered." -Fredric M. Roberts Investment Banker, former Chairman NASD Meteoric rises ... catastrophic tumbles ... the Nasdaq market has come to reflect both the best and the worst of today's explosive, technology-driven economy. Yet for investors who have learned to take advantage of all market environments­­up, down, or sideways­­the unprecedented turbulence of the Nasdaq could be like money in the bank. The Nasdaq Investor will help you understand the changes that have made today's investment marketplace the most exciting and perilous in history. A practical guide to successfully riding the Nasdaq wave, this first-of-its-kind book outlines specific strategies for reaping the rewards of this constantly moving market while managing your risks during times of extreme volatility. To help you profit from one of history's most accessible, exciting profit opportunities, The Nasdaq Investor provides a deeper understanding of the market itself. The first book to combine insights into today's technology-driven economy with the history and foundations of the Nasdaq market itself, this hard-hitting, concise guide addresses the issues that really matter to investors. Which stocks and sectors are poised to catch the next market upturn? What factors have fueled­­and will continue to fuel­­the Nasdaq's breathtaking climbs and falls? How can investors profit from the former while hedging their portfolios against the latter? The Nasdaq Investor answers these questions and hundreds of others by always keeping its focus on investing. Covering everything from short-term trading techniques to long-term investment strategies, The Nasdaq Investor discusses: The new class of exchange-traded funds­­including QQQ, HHH, and others­­and how they provide broad diversification for investors of any size Bases of valuation that go beyond P/E ratios to examine the potential of a company or industry Level II trading techniques to limit short-term trading risks while increasing upside potential Today's Nasdaq market is both a driver­­and a follower­­of the exciting new global marketplace. Read The Nasdaq Investor to ensure your understanding of this new marketplace and enhance your ability to consistently beat the averages while minimizing the investment risks of the transformed economy.  
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