Jr. Aby, Carroll D

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By Jr. Aby, Carroll D
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This book has the most thorough text on Point and Figure charting. Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of P&F is provided. (302 pages) Indecision and turbulence prevail in the financial market at this time. Meanwhile, attempts to identify major price swings in the stock market dominate investment strategies. Perhaps more than ever before, people seem unable or unwilling to venture into investment decisions. Growing numbers of individuals depend on others for acceptable investment returns. To accommodate increasing expectations for better investment performance, timing strategies in the equity markets must play a larger role. This material represents a compendium of technical investment analysis for entrepreneurial investors. The book includes a unique blend of pragmatic investment management concepts and real-world mathematical emphases are excluded for the sake of pragmatism. Broad-based treatment of investment management principles in diverse settings functions as a surrogate to mathematical and theoretical overkill. Although sequential reading represents the more conventional approach, by the continuity and flow of the book, readers will find that individual sections can still offer their autonomy and ability to stand-alone. The book differs from competitors in several ways. The author draws upon many years of practical experience in asset evaluation, selection and allocation techniques. The emphasis centers on taking complex subject matters and reducing it into a workable presentation for readers. Concepts that have heretofore been regarded as esoteric by some will be made quite lucid by supporting illustrations. Chart configurations, relative strength, and other frequently misunderstood techniques help identify supply and demand imbalances and pinpoint issues primed for price moves in either direction. This book offers a total perspective on personal portfolio management. The author will continually espouse the view that undervalued and overvalued assets offer uncommon profit opportunities. Its coverage is in sharp contrast to the more arcane academic view relating to market efficiency. Academicians subscribe to the idea that all markets are efficient and that returns may be increased only by the assumption of additional risk. Their view states that all known information about securities is embodied in the current market price. Securities adjust instantaneously to new information disseminated about different firms. In other words, academicians propose that undervalued and overvalued assets do not exist. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to earn superior returns or outperform the market.
AuthorJr. Aby, Carroll D BindingHardcover
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