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We all know that eating healthier is easier said than done. New diets pop up every few months; the only problem is that the food choices are often too bland and there?s usually little variety in the dishes you can eat. 30 Secrets of the World?s Healthiest Cuisines is about to change all that. In a delicious departure from the nutrition–through–sacrifice school of cooking, this book celebrates the international and the flavorful with a healthy twist. You?ll find out how to use the most healthful nutritional principles and ingredients from the world?s major cuisines to create one fabulous, healthy global eating program. 30 Secrets of the World?s Healthiest Cuisines blends the latest nutrition research with information about the culinary histories and traditions of a number of major countries and regions around the world. By incorporating this culinary wisdom into your diet, you can reduce your chances of developing a number of major diet–related diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. You can also feel better, look better, and be happier. Packed with practical tips to increase the disease–fighting power of your diet, this book will: ? Reveal the healthy Mediterranean eating secrets that can help you lower your risk of heart disease ? Uncover the Chinese diet that has led to lower rates of cancer and diabetes in China ? Divulge the truth about how the French often enjoy rich sauces, triple–fat cheeses, red wine, duck–liver pate, and chocolate mousse and still stay thin and healthy ? Explain how Japanese dishes and drinks can potentially help you reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease ? Explore the wealth of vegetables and grains in the tasty foods of the west coast of Africa Along with the nutrition and health information featured in this book, a host of cooking professionals have contributed recipes to help you bring home the flavors and secrets of healthy eating from around the world. With 86 recipes and several meal plans to choose from, 30 Secrets of the World?s Healthiest Cuisines will make your diet a delicious and healthy one!
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