Fellow in Strategy and Director of the Oxford Scenarios Programme Rafael Ramirez

Ethereum Bible: All You Need to Know about Ethereum
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By Fellow in Strategy and Director of the Oxford Scenarios Programme Rafael Ramirez
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The title is self-explanatory. This book is designed as a guide to help you understand, invest in and trade with cryptocurrency. The specific focus of this book is Ethereum or Ether (ETH). If you are someone who follows the financial markets closely, you will have noticed that cryptocurrencies are steadily increasing in their popularity. The past couple of years, in particular, have seen the tremendous growth of different types of cryptocurrencies. It is therefore unsurprising that everyone wants to figure out a way to start investing in them. Not only are they becoming more and more popular and accepted, but they are also changing the way we look at traditional financial systems themselves. The problem is that the information available about them that's crucial to understanding how they work is always presented in a complex manner. You might be led to believe that it is an incredibly complicated system that requires your own personal Yoda and years of training. While it would be great to be a Jedi, I want to tell you that this process is not as long-winded as that. You might not have experience with cryptocurrencies - and may just be someone who is looking to learn more. This book will help you in this regard, as it starts from scratch. The focus of this book is Ethereum in particular because it has been touted a game changer in the world of cryptocurrency. Second only to Bitcoin, regarding value and popularity, many believe that it will eventually be the winner of that race. Ethereum is not showing any signs of slowing down, and perhaps it is time for you to consider the option of investing in it seriously too. This book is designed to give you the information you need and to show you how you can do this. Through the course of this book, various concepts associated with Ethereum will be explored in greater detail. This will help you consider cryptocurrency as an investment opportunity in a more nuanced manner. We start from the basics, with an understanding of what cryptocurrency is, before moving on to focus on Ethereum. The rest of the book then gives you all the information you need about Ethereum - ranging from its history to how its trading outlook looks into the future. Explained in a concise manner, this book will hopefully give you the information you need to get started. Who knows, you might just become an expert yourself in no time!
AuthorFellow in Strategy and Director of the Oxford Scenarios Programme Rafael Ramirez BindingPaperback
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