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Customer service programs are easy to initiate - thousands of companies start them every year, only to see their efforts falter after the first three months. So how do you keep service momentum going once basic training's over and your employees are sitting comfortably back behind their desks? With Sustaining Knock Your Socks Off Service. Ron Zemke's first two books showed managers how to deliver and manage Knock Your Socks Off Service. Now he and Tom Connellan explain how to keep customers coming back for more. And just exactly what is Knock Your Socks Off Service? According to Zemke and Connellan, it's "making sure you know what your customer wants and expects from you, being flexible in meeting those demands, treating the customer like a partner rather than an adversary or an end-user, and working like heck to make it easy for a customer to do business with you." Sustaining Knock Your Socks Off Service presents a conceptual framework for sustaining customer service initiatives. It provides powerful strategies and proven techniques for integrating quality into your everyday business practice. And it contains examples of the techniques at work so that managers will know what to do right after finishing each chapter. In an engaging and witty manner, experts Zemke and Connellan handle plenty of serious issues in their book. They examine the most frequent causes of service program burnout in detail and supply potent advice for handling them. You'll discover why "roller-coaster" performance develops, how to cure it, and how to prevent it; why most customer service training programs are doomed to never reach their full potential and what to do about it; how to shorten the learning curve forservice-quality behavior; the role of positive expectations and reinforcement in affecting service quality; and how to make continuous improvement a permanent part of corporate culture. So you've gotten a service program off the ground.
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