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By Cameron Huddleston
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"This book is a must-read for adult children of aging parents. Talking to your parents about their financial matters isn't easy territory—you need to know what to say, and as importantly what not to say. Huddleston helps you navigate the terrain, providing guidance on what to talk about and how, in a way that will give both you and your parents peace of mind." NANCY A. LEAMOND, executive vice president of AARP "Don't wait for an emergency to strike to talk to your parents about their finances. You need to have these conversations now, and this book will help. Cameron Huddleston takes you by the hand and walks you through the process step by step." FARNOOSH TORABI, host of the award-winning  So Money  podcast "Cameron Huddleston brings a seasoned journalist's eye and a loving daughter's heart to the complex issue of how to broach the all-too-often-taboo topic of money with aging parents. Drawing from her own experiences with her mother's Alzheimer's diagnosis, Huddleston offers practical advice on getting these delicate conversations started and provides guidance to navigating everything from estate planning documents to long-term care. Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk is an essential read for every family struggling to come to grips with the financial, legal and emotional realities of getting old in America today." MICHAEL DESENNE, executive editor of "The clock is ticking and the conversation has to happen. But how? Cameron Huddleston provides the templates and even the script to have the talk no one wants to have. Her detailed research will bring out the financial grownup in all of us to secure our parents' financial security, and in many cases our own as well."
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