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By C. Colburn Hardy
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In easily understood language, this book shows you how to use technical analysis to decide when to buy and sell stocks, evaluate a stock's performance, and forecast probable long-term trends in the stock market. Written for the average investor, the book provides guidelines on how to apply the same tools of technical analysis that the experts use to interpret what's happening on Wall Street. It explains exactly how to combine fundamentals and technical analysis in stock market trading in order to boost total annual return on your portfolio. It will prove especially valuable to everyone responsible for personal retirement plans, family resources, and children's inheritances-and it will also help registered representatives who want to use technical analysis to improve their timing when they buy and sell. In these pages, you'll learn exactly how to use charts and other technical indicators to... Pick potential winners through the trends of individual stocks, industry groups, and the overall market Buy wisely - and at the right time - to gain the biggest profits because there's increased activity by institutional investors Make that toughest decision of all: when to sell at a profit before the price peaks or before the stock drops sharply. Sell short in a bear market for a profit Deal in options for maximum rewards-and with minimum risks This practical, down-to-earth book uses case histories to illustrate its points, establishing the specific rules and firm discipline that are essential to stock market success. The glossary gives you the most complete, up-to-date explanations of terms now used in technical analysis - the only such glossary on the subject. The bibliography is equally current, citing just those books that are readily available, easily understandable, and worthwhile. If you want to...make your money make more money by enhancing gains and reducing losses, avoid costly errors of judgment even with quality stocks know how to buy when the trend is up-and how to continue buying when the trend continues up...this long-needed guide will give you new confidence in every investment decision you make. Written by an investor for investors, it gives you the esential tools of technical analysis to help you achieve profits in the stock market that are far better than average. No other book covers technical analysis to clearly and in such easy-to-understand language.
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