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By Ari Kiev
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Virtually every top trader and investor attributes their success to a strong mental capacity and the ability to master their emotions. Even the best "system" can prove disastrous if the trader or investor doesn't have the ability to stick to their strategy. Yet, holding fast to a strategy can be extremely difficult while immersed in the trading game, since in essence, the mind seems to conspire against itself more than ever while in this milieu. The Psychology of Trading presents a step-by-step, goal-oriented approach to trading that emphasizes ways to keep emotions in check, overcome self-doubt, and focus clearly on a winning strategy. This new approach to trading has been developed by a leading psychiatrist, with expertise in sports psychology, and practiced by a top stock trader. While a plethora of books, seminars, and consultants address this vital area, no program has yet been developed by a trader and a psychiatrist. This is a proven approach, and it is outlined in an accessible and concise manner in the book.
AuthorAri Kiev BindingHardcover
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