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By Davidson Andrew
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The Years' Purchase (Present Value of £1 per annum) tables, based on the assumption that income is received quarterly in advance, have been extended and given more prominence. However, the traditional approach to Years' Purchase where income is deemed to be received annually in arrear has been retained. In this way a wide coverage is achieved, as both sets of tables are available in one volume. In addition, tables for the conversion of nominal yields to effective yields, and vice versa, have now been included. In practice today, calculations are required for a variety of purposes which often justify more than one approach. With this in mind, Internal Rates of Return tables have been retained in a modified form. Using these tables, both growth and non-growth scenarios can be analysed for a more detailed appraisal of specific freehold property investments and to provide a basis for more in-depth investment advice.
AuthorDavidson Andrew BindingHardcover
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