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Master of the Cinematic Universe is a guide to the future of trans-media storytelling. Content creators of every flavor are constantly needing to expand the mediums they can work in. This volume serves as a resource for using the timeless truths of story structure to craft established as well as up and coming short-form media formats. John Bucher is an award-winning writer / director / producer from Los Angeles, California. He has spoken on five continents about story, film, spirituality, and pop culture. He has served as Executive Director of the Damah Film Festival, Director of Story Development for the Global Short Film Network, and currently teaches at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center (LAFSC). He has developed story con-tent for organizations ranging from HBO to the U.S. Figure Skating Association. His blog,, is read by thousands in more than 70 countries each year. In addition, he writes a regular weekly column on storytelling in film and television for, and is active on Twitter at @johnkbucher Jeremy Casper is an award-winning writer / director / producer from Los Angeles, California, and currently teaches film at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center (LAFSC), where he has workshopped well over a thousand short films with his students and alumni. He is a graduate of the LAFSC and re-ceived his M.A. in Communication with an Emphasis in Film Directing and Cinematography from Re-gent University. His film, Vacant House, premiered at the United Film Festival in 2013 and has won several festival awards, including "Best Screenplay" and "Best Feature Film." Jeremy also works with the Global Short Film Network and the Visual Story Network and has led screenwriting and directing seminars in Los Angeles, as well as in Egypt, Ukraine, Ethiopia, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Jordan, and remotely in England and the United Arab Emirates.
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