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Every day, millions of teens upload and watch millions of videos on YouTube. Enter the age of digital filmmakers who don’t need a Hollywood studio or millions of dollars of equipment to make their stories come to life. While everyone many have access to the gear, the secrets and tricks that the pros use is where the real magic is found. Make Some Noise shows the same techniques that The Sound Effects Bible author Ric Viers used to create the sound effects heard in HALO, Call of Duty, Lego Batman, Sons of Anarchy, Lost, and more! This book easily explains how sound works, recording techniques, editing basics, sound design tricks, and 100 sound effects to record at home. Ric Viers is a sound designer and author based in Detroit, Michigan. Ric is the world's largest producer of professional sound effects libraries with more than 666 products produced to date. He is the owner of SoundEffects.Com, author of The Sound Effects Bible and The Location Sound Bible, and the founder of Blastwave FX-one of the world's leading sound effects publishers. His location sound credits include hundreds of productions for nearly every major television network, Universal Studios, Dateline, Good Morning America, Disney, and many others. Known as the "Rock and Roll Professor of Sound," Viers was inducted into the Full Sail University Hall of Fame in 2014 and has hosted several video series like Rode University, Rode Rage, and most notably The Detroit Chop Shop Video Diaries, a YouTube-based reality series about the interns at his studio The Detroit Chop Shop. His sound design work continues to be used in major motion pictures, television shows, radio programs, and video games worldwide. Ric has a passion for teaching and helping the next generation make some noise!
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