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By Giacomo Morri,Paolo Benedetto
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Determining the true value of a commercial property is essential in many circumstances, such as for investment or strategic purposes as well as for economic feasibility studies. Commercial Property Valuation offers a comprehensive guide that helps determine the Market Value of a property using logical, clear and mutually agreeable methods based on credible and objective data. Supported by a straightforward description of the economic characteristics of properties as well as of their risks, Commercial Property Valuation offers an approach to valuation that looks at each property as a company, whose value directly depends on the revenues deriving by the product offered to the marketplace – the use of space leased to tenants, and its related risk. Examples and case studies are also provided to support the theoretical base and to facilitate an immediate comprehension and application. Based on the authors combined professional and academic experience, Commercial Property Valuation is a real-world guide for distinguishing theory from what is effective in practice and is addressed to both professionals who operate in the real estate sector and the inexperienced who, for personal or professional reasons, need to estimate the value of a real estate asset.
AuthorGiacomo Morri,Paolo Benedetto BindingHardcover
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