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By Daniel H. Pink
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At a time when everyone seems to think that lawyers, engineers and accountants are the people who will make it in life, this book busts that myth in an entertaining way. The author says in the book A Whole New Mind that we lived in an era of left-brain dominance. This era spawned the Information Age and gave rise a whole new set of people. The new era, he claims, will belong to the people with right-brain dominance. Right brain dominance gives people an all new set of character traits like inventiveness and empathy. The author uses this as the principal argument while explaining to us the contours of our world. In the book, the author lists various ways of improving your right brain that will help us survive in the Western world. According to Daniel Pink, there are six key points that are decisive in building your right brain: story, empathy, design, sympathy, play and meaning. In order to drive his point home, he compares this period to past periods of intense churn and change like the Industrial Revolution and the Renaissance.  
AuthorDaniel H. Pink BindingPaperback
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