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By Bill Griffeth
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Are you prepared to achieve your financial goals? Will your savings and investments provide enough money to fund your retirement and pay for your children's education? Are you in control of your financial destiny? If you're like most people, the answer to these questions is no. The truth is the majority of us are too wrapped up in paying today's bills and too confused by conflicting financial information to develop and implement a sound plan for saving and investing. Sadly, the failure to plan guarantees an uncertain and perhaps even perilous financial future. Bill Griffeth's 10 Steps to Financial Prosperity is your guide to re-claiming your financial future. In a warm, easy-to-read style, CNBC anchor Bill Griffeth provides a step-by-step action plan to cut debt, build savings and invest wisely. Regardless of your current financial situation, this extraordinary book will provide you with the timeless, prosperity-building principles to achieve lifelong financial success. This book is not filled with a lot of financial mumbo-jumbo or esoteric theories about beating the stock market. Instead it offers a simple, clear guide to understanding and implementing the steps that are necessary to achieve financial security and independence. The 10 Steps To Financial Prosperity are: set financial goals, budget-ize yourself, create your own lifetime investment plan, make mutual funds your vehicle to prosperity, manage your debt, develop a do-it-yourself retirement plan, make your home a nest egg, use insurance as a safety net, create a will, and start your children on the road to prosperity. To help you implement the 10 Steps, the book includes an easy-to-use computer disk. The disk will tell you howto track your expenses, where you are spending too much money, precisely how much to save each month to fund your retirement and your children's education, and how to write your own will. You and your family's financial futures are too important to leave to chance. Read Bill Gri
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