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By Bev Bennett
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Walking into a kitchen that s filled with cooking aromas is a delightful and comforting experience. Yet, between work, chores, family obligations, and a badly needed opportunity to unwind, you find it difficult to get dinner on the table within the time limits that life imposes on you. But cooking a great tasting meal isn t nearly as time–consuming as it s made out to be, and you don t have to be a chef to pull it off. If you forgot how enjoyable a home–cooked meal can be, 30–Minute Meals For Dummies is your best resource. If you can identify with any of these descriptions, this book is for you: Between your frantic day and the demands of your personal life, you re looking for ways to free up a few minutes. Cooking is one of the activities that gets shortchanged. Tired of spending your evenings in your car, you long for some semblance of dining–at–home pleasure, instead of inching around a parking lot, waiting for your chance to order dinner from a metal box. You′re not looking to prepare a five–course meal. You want self–contained meals that please, satisfy, and get the job done with minimal hassle. 30–Minute Meals For Dummies shows you how to make one–dish meals that include vegetables, starches, and the traditional meat. You′ll transform soup and salad side dishes into hearty main courses and turn your skillet into a one–dish dinner utensil. You often get everything a meal has to offer in one dish well, besides adding a scoop of ice cream to the top of your jambalaya for dessert. This book is structured around the equipment, ingredients, and recipe choices that fit your time frame. Each page is packed with my kitchen–tested suggestions for streamlining cooking. Even if you re an experienced cook, you can pick up useful hints. You get great recipes for classic meals, new dishes, and so much more in these chapters. You ll be pleased to know that you can fix nourishing and memorable dinners within your time frame. So ladies and gentleman, start your ovens!
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