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AS GRAPHIC NOVELS GROW IN POPULARITY and grab more shelf space in bookstores, Hollywood isdiscovering a gold mine of ideas ready to be made into movies and writers, illustrators, and artists arefinding a powerful new medium through which to express and market their ideas.This step-by-step guide to creating a graphic novel from your story idea will teach you theessential artistic, technical, and business practices necessary for getting your graphicnovel on the page and in front of readers. Sarah Beach is a multifaceted writer living in Los Angeles. She's a former researcher for the quiz show Jeopardy! She has published a book on mythic motifs for writers, The Scribbler's Guide to the Land of Myth, which has been recommended by Blake Snyder and Linda Seger. She has edited independent comic book anthologies, and had her own short stories published in them. She is also an artist. She's a member of both the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society and the Comic Art Professional Society.
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