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By Bonnie Biafore
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Your financial goals probably include a comfortable retirement, paying for your kids' college education and long-term healthcare. But you can't reach those goals by putting your money in a savings account. You need to invest it so it grows over time. Three seasoned personal finance experts show you how in this jargon-free guide. Investing demystified. Get clear, real-world examples of why investing is crucial to your financial goals. How to invest. Learn how to evaluate four types of investment so you make the right decisions. Hidden gems. Discover lesser-known, low-cost investments that provide tax advantages. Retirement, Education, Healthcare. Find chapters devoted to the fine points of each of these big-ticket goals. Flexibility. Learn how to change your investment strategy as you age. Choices. Find an investment plan that's right for you whether you're a conservative investor or go-for-broke risk-taker.
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