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Today's complex world of options provides you with an abundance of option strategies. But how do you know which ones are right for you? According to Marc Allaire, well-known author and options expert, you have to determine the methods that suit your trading or investment style best. With the right strategies on hand, you will be able to maximize your returns in no time. Join Allaire as he introduces you to a variety of powerful option techniques that you can put into use immediately. This hands-on presentation includes: § bull and bear spreads – an alternative to naked long options § the benefits and pitfalls of calendar spreads § writing equity puts § leveraging stock purchase, and much more. Ideal for the intermediate trader or investor, this cutting-edge video session takes you beyond the basics of options. Broaden your financial horizon and take your options knowledge to a higher level. In the end, optimal returns will no longer be wishful thinking. Watch your profits skyrocket as you start mastering these outstanding strategies!    
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