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"In December 1999, a Minnesota man paid $210,000 at auction for Warren Buffett′s twenty–year–old wallet. True, it was a wallet with a fairly storied past, having traveled on the backside of a billionaire, but that was not the bidder′s motivation for doling out all that cash. Inside the wallet was a golden egg: a stock pick from none other than the Oracle of Omaha himself. Each of thirty additional individuals donated $1,000 to charity at the behest of the auction winner in order to learn the two–letter ticker symbol of the stock pick, which happened to be real estate investment trust (REIT) First Industrial Realty. On top of all that, after The Wall Street Journal published the stock pick in a printed article, the Morgan Stanley REIT Index registered its largest gain in over a year." This excerpt from Bulls, Bears, and Brains: Investing with the Best and Brightest of the Financial Internet depicts the value of an information edge on Wall Street. For a price of $210,000, one individual was able to enter the world of Warren Buffett temporarily–literally jump into his back pocket–and walk away with a profitable investment opportunity. Remarkably, this ability to tap into the minds of market gurus and join their investing teams has never been easier, thanks to the Internet. Bulls, Bears, and Brains interviews twenty successful investors–an assortment of fund managers, economists, professors, executives, statisticians, strategists, traders, and technicians who put their money and prowess on the line in the pages of this text. These top financial minds have made themselves available to the investing public via the Internet and are willing to share their strategies, successes, failures, and philosophies in open online forums. This unique book will help you connect and make money with them, giving you twenty powerful allies in the complicated game of investing. Obtaining an information edge is the key to beating the market. Don′t rely on market pundits and analysts to shape your investing strategies. Instead, make use of the global research team that the Internet places at your fingertips to identify profitable opportunities long before the rest of the world takes notice. The book includes candid interviews with company founders and expert advisors, such as: ∗ Ed Yardeni: Chief investment strategist at Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown ∗ Brandon Goyette: Financial Chat. Hedge fund manager and ex–Wall Street analyst ∗ Oliver Velez: One of the pioneers and top CEOs of the day trading industry ∗ Jeremy Siegel: Wharton professor of finance and bestselling author ∗ Bill Ginsberg: Columbia Business School dropout and "the baddest short–seller on the planet" This book will help you interpret these indivi–duals′ theories in light of your personal investment needs and develop your own investment strategy with a top–notch team that never leaves your side.   Bulls, Bears, and Brains is a unique guide to investing with the Internet that shows you how to leverage the talents of numerous investment experts to enhance your own level of performance.  
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